Simee Dimeh Shawl- Episode 7 of the Bag Bliss Podcast Show notes and links


March 4th 2016 (the only day of the year that’s a command!)

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Bag Bliss Podcast blog and show notes! Please leave a comment on the show notes for your chance to win a Medium Triangle Notions Bag from my Etsy Shop in my choice of fabric! It will be a nice addition to your notion bag collection and positively charming and fun! Leave a note telling me what you thought about the Podcast and any suggestions on information you would love to hear in the future!

Off the needles:

Simee Dimeh Shawl by Romi Hill in Miss Babs Yummy Toes 2-Ply yarn in the Favorite Boots Sierras Kit. My Simme Dimeh Shawl project page on Ravelry.

Secret Garden Shawl by Alana Dakos, which I knit in Anzula Nebula and I love how sparkling and gorgeous this shawl is and will use this yarn again for another project

Also off the knitting needles is the Four Season’s Shawl also by Alana Dakos which started out as Alana’s first Mystery Shawl KAL and the pattern is just amazing! Knit in a worsted weight yarn the shawl is big and comfy and certainly one to wrap yourself in on a cold night. I like to put on my pearl necklace and comfy slippers and wrap myself in this shawl in the evening, while knitting and “watching” television and feel as though I am in a Sex in the City kinda mood! Lovely cabled and lace pattern and a well written pattern!

Ellen Cardigan free pattern by Berroco. Knitting mine from Quince and Co Chickadee it is a color work cardigan knit flat. I am knitting mine on size 7US circular needles with a 60″ cable, so I can try it on as I knit. A very clever way to knit a top down sweater and try it on as you go. My needles were gifted to me by my daughter for Christmas and I am getting so much use from the  Royale Knitter’s Pride set! I love them! Now, that being said, I was not too happy with the cables and cable sizes that came with the set, so I purchased different cables from Amazon. The cables I purchased were Knitters Pride gold with black cords and they fit and are such an improvement over the cables that come with the set. Since I needed a 60″ cable for the interchangeable needle set for the Four Seasons Shawl, I thought it was a great size to have for top down or bottom up sweater knitting. I also purchased a 16″ cable for hat and I believe you can even purchase a smaller cable if you want to try to use them for gloves. Because the set starts with a US size 3, I don’t believe you could knit fine gauge socks with the shortest cables, but you could definitely knit heavier gauge/ or worsted weight socks or slippers in the round….so very versatile! Love this set!

Also on the shawl knitting front was the kit I ordered from a Verb for Keeping Warm which is a Mystery Knit Along with Romi Hill which she has been hosting for the past four years and available at Stitches West. I ordered my kit during Stitches West  even though I could not attend, but I received my beautiful kit and the Annapurna yarn I ordered in gutted greens and they are absolutely amazing. The kit included one of Romi’s famous Shawl pins, the yarn, pattern and a small drawstring project bag. If you ordered the kit or if you purchased your kit at Stitches West you received the first part of Clue 1. It won’t surprise you, I finished with the Clue I received the night I got the kit and am in a holding pattern until March 18th, when the first clue is officially released! In the meantime, I am knitting on The Oak Flat Road Shawl by Romi and forcing myself to finish before embarking in the Mystery Shawl for 2016 .

Sewing News:

On the sewing needles were the first shipment of the 2016 Club Bags and boy was I pleased with the results! I loved the Maker’s Tote which both clubs received (one smaller in size) and also the Nifty Notion Necklace which was part of the first shipment and will be debuted at the Georgia Knitting Pipeline Retreat and later in the year in the shop! I created my Nifty Notion Necklace, inspired by the cables in the Alan Dakos Shawls I knit this year (see above), because I wanted my stitch markers, cable needles, tapestry needle and scissors right at hand. The inspiration was to create a charming necklace which would hold quite a bit of notions which you could wear knitting very similar to Ladies of old Chatelaines. Here is a picture of one of the Nifty Notion Necklaces, you can see how much hand work was used in creating these and the lovely wool fabric and wool felt applique pieces. I have also used other appliques besides the sheep, such as boots, pet paws. butterflies, hearts, bunnies….well, you’ll soon see. The Nifty Notion Necklaces either come with silver 30″ necklaces or 30″ satin necklace cords and will be your choice! As you can see, beautiful stitch markers can be placed on the outside ready for your use, but what you don’t see, is an internal pocket (yes!) and a pocket on the back for holding other notions. Hang your cable needle from the silver necklace or cord or place in the inside pocket…ready and waiting! This is a copyrighted design and I can’t wait to present it to you!


Also in the shop and on my needles are my new project bag designs!!! The first design is the Square Ditty Bag! I created and tested this for color work. I wanted a bag, you could use for color work where you could thread your yarn through snap tabs which allowed your yarn to be removable without having to cut it, as you would if you used grommets for color work. I am in love with this bag and it is such a wonderful and plump design with a substantial handle, drawstrings, clear pockets and of cours the color work pockets with snap tabs! I am using one to work on the Oak Flat Road Shawl since I decided in a not too lucid moment to make the shawl collar a different color than the entire shawl. What resulted was color work and using three yarn cakes which were constantly tangled together after every row and as it grew mid row, turned out to be discouraging and creating and using the NEW Square Ditty Project Bag, which not only handles the yarn but stands so nicely by my knitting chair has truly sped up the process of knitting this shawl and now I’m inspired again to finish….so if you have a similar project….purchase this NEW design. It is a wonderful color work tool!

I am also so excited to have finally found leather I can use as accents on my zippered project bags and Totes! I have been trying to connect with just the right leather (faux) for the project bags, because what has been available to me locally has been vinyl which is hard and unattractive. But this lovely leather is soft and supple and beautiful to work with. Although it takes all my concentration and “Calm” (my word of the year) to sew with it to make sure every seam is as straight and beautiful as possible, I am truly inspired by the look of these bags and by your overwhelming response to them! If you purchased one of these bags and want to touch up the leather a bit which may have happened in shipping…although, I am not shipping these bags collapsed as I usually ship my zippered bags….please make sure you use a nice ironing cloth over the leather parts. The ironing cloth should be made out of cotton and they work like a dream to protect your new bags!

On the sewing front, I have discovered a wonderful Indie sewing site called! Amazing patterns for clothing and a choice of fabrics which you cannot purchase anywhere else! Some Indie patterns are $10! And if you have researched Indie patterns lately, you know what a great price this is! They are hosting a sew along and making Jeans! If you have ever wanted to make and have well fitting Jeans, this is your chance. There is a ten part tutorial on how to fit,sew and make a beautiful pair of Jeans. Sign up for their Newsletter to keep up with all they have to offer!

Remember to sign up for the Bliss Bulletin my Newsletter for a 10% discount in the shop, If you receive my Newsletter, please forward to a friend! join the Bag Bliss group on Ravelry, Like the FB page to keep up with specials and news from my Etsy shop, especially during 2016.  Subscribe to the Bag Bliss Podcast on iTunes or Make sure you use the #wwismariaelenabliss on IG for the next bag giveaway. Thank you to all of you who continue to post your lovely bags and knitting with the hashtag the next Give Away will be in August of 2016 and while that sounds far away, this gives you lots of time to post your MariaElenaBliss items!!!
Music for the show “Springish”was provided by artist Andi Gillicuddy with his permission from site. Andi is a young guitar artist and lives in Germany. If you love his music check out his site:



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