Wonderful Things Blog Tour…what is a blog tour anyway???


The Wonderful Things Blog Tour will feature fabrics by Bonnie Christine (@goinghometoroost) for Art Gallery Fabrics (@artgalleryfabrics), by her fabric line with the same name. I am so super, dancing around the house, making so many things, excited to have been picked for this tour! I can hardly wait 6 sleeps to show you ALL I have created! Yes, I’ve gotten a bit obsessed about making with the fabrics which Christine sent me! The designer provides the fabrics which the maker chooses from the fabric line…these are the fabrics, I chose…can you guess what I’ve made?? If you do, I will send you for FREE what you have guessed correctly! Check my IG feed (@mariaelenabliss) for my former makes and see if you can guess!


Now, what is a blog tour???

Blog tours can be a great way to drum up early excitement about a designer’s new fabric collection release. A blog tour is a set amount of time, usually a week or two, in which a fabric design line will be promoted across various websites by various makers and various blogger’s  blogs. The dates are set in advance; each maker/blogger knows what material/make it will be posting, and the content and creation should be unique to each blog. By unique, I mean, the story which will feature the makes for the blog! So the blog post should be entertaining and lovely to read.


Online exposure is the main benefit of using a blog tour to promote designs. It hits a different audience than, say, an interview, podcast or an Instagram post by JUST the designers or by ONE Blog post. Makers are free to create from the fabric line what ever they feel best represents the fabric chosen. A blog tour is also a great option for designers who want to avoid traveling and or are uncomfortable with public speaking.

Most of all, a blog tour offers so much on line exposure! With Instagram, Facebook, and Blogs from all over the world, so many different lives are touched. It is a great honor to be chosen for a blog tour, as it not only features the designer, but the maker. Great advertising, exposure, and social media reach…a win, win win!

Please join me for my place on the Wonderful Things Blog Tour on July 28th 2017! See you back here, then, on Instagram and on my Facebook page! Follow me on as much social media as you feel comfortable!


Maria, xoxo



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